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Hi, I'm Pere,
your coach.

Let's get started?

Training 2 PUGS

Triathlon is much more than a sport: enjoy it and improve every day.

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Let's prepare your challenges together

Train with 2 PUGS TRI TRAINING and improve day by day



We work on swimming with the most appropriate methodology for each one, to feel comfortable in the water and be able to give the most of ourselves.

We'll train both in the pool and in open waters, to be able to adapt to our goal. The basis of training, in winter, is achieved in the pool, but the experience of training in open waters is the key to being able to perform at your best in competition.

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All segments in triathlon are important, but much of the race is decided in the foot race. Train technique, power, rhythm control.

Train and learn what your competition pace is, know the suffering of a race before you do it. Train like you compete and compete like you train.




The bike is our great ally. We'll avoid "junk" kilometers: there is no need to do more kilometers than necessary.

Training sessions planned according to our objectives: series days with demanding shooting days, always with the freedom to enjoy outings with small groups where sandwiches are accepted as refreshments.


With 2 PUGS training you'll learn how to train: we don't walk, we don't do more kilometers than necessary, we mark rhythms, heart rate zones and power zones to control the training and know that we are doing things right

With Training Peaks program, we have a thorough control of the training of our athletes. Through this app, we keep in constant contact and can modify the workouts if it's necessary

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